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Annual Mine Disaster Memorial

Church Service

Mt Kembla Soldiers' and Miners' Memorial Church,  2 pm, 31st July

From that first fateful night when family and friends gathered at the little weatherboard Church of England to pray for their loved ones, this village church has been holding exactly the same prayer book service every year without interruption. It is said to be the longest standing memorial service in Australia's history.  


The memorial stained glass window becomes the focal point as traditional hymns are sung and prayers are read. The church is decorated with flowers and the safety lamp under the memorial window is lit this one time each year during the service. 


Come and experience this moving service as the widows and families did back in 1902 and for many years later. All welcome. Watch for notices in the local Mercury advertising details of the service.


Donations for the restorations of victims graves appreciated.

Soldiers' & Miners' Memorial Anglican Church Mount Kembla
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