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Mt Kembla

Mt Kembla has a rich history, closely associated with coal mining. From the early original inhabitants, to Australia's first Pioneer Kerosene Works, to the original coal mine and through to today's mining activity, coal has been an ever-present feature alongside the local community.  

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The Mt Kembla Heritage collection and assets were finally transferred to a newly set up managing body, Wollongong Heritage Collections Incorporated (WHCInc) on 27th August, 2020. See WHCInc acceptance letter

The bulk of the collection is currently in rental storage at National Storage Unanderra. The rent is being funded by donations until November, 2021. 

The documents and fragile items are being stored at the Wollongong Library, Cultural Services. 

Here is a link to the eHive website with the objects recorded so far. Be patient, it may take a short while to load.

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